On December 3, 2009 I attended a meeting of NC MBEC Recovery Outreach Project’s Business to Business Forum in Kinston North Carolina. Where I met a gentleman name GEORGE C. JONES, JR. from (SBTRC) after about 20 minutes of discussion I decided this was a person I needed to talk to in detail to help get Lewis-teck pointed in the right direction. The next day I schedule appointment to go to Greensboro which is about 1 1/2 hour away from my house to seek further advice from (SBTRC).  On Thursday, December 10, 2009, I had my first meeting with the (SBTRC), at first you are very suspicious when you walk into these meetings not quite knowing if this is a sales pitch or some other unique opportunity that highly benefits another individual. I was truly surprised after get more information about this organization to realize that this is a legitimate operation sponsored by the Department of Transportation to increase minority and disadvantaged businesses in gaining entry and participation in federal transportation contracts. This gentleman and was highly knowledgeable about all of the steps necessary for a small minority business to take to be considered for contract work for the US Government Department of Transportation.
At this meeting he was able to line out step-by-step instructions on all of the paperwork that I would need to complete in order to qualify to bid on Department of Transportation contracts, not only did he point me to the proper paperwork he also referred me to the necessary sources in case I had any questions. My first experience with this organization has truly been outstanding and I must suggest to any small minority business or disadvantaged business out there to seek out this organization and similar organizations sponsored by the US government if you are looking for some legitimate advice and how to pursue government contracts. I truly did walk away with a great understanding of this organization was here to help guide me through the intricate paperwork necessary in order to qualify to bid on the contracts. By no means did I walk away with any preconceived notion that this organization was here to guarantee me work which is a good feeling because most illegitimate operations begin with the promise of fame fortune in richest. Please find below the link for this organization and also I will be posting updates too my blog and let you know how it turns out at the end.

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