The Adventures Of LEWIS-TECK

First let me begin by apologizing for being away from my blog so long, several things have crossed my mind over the last couple of weeks, I have two blogs one is A Point Of Thought and the other one is Dyslexic in America. Due to the nature of A Point Of Thought being a professional blog I have had several friends offered to edit my writing so people do not get the wrong idea after careful consideration I have decided to let them begin to edit  A Point Of Thought. I have also decided not to let anybody edit Dyslexic In America because the whole point of this blog, is for other people with dyslexia can have a place to come read and see it is okay not to be the best-speller in the world. as long as you get your true thoughts across. Over time I have blogged a lot about how it feels to be a Dyslexic In America this new series of blogs will be more about the adventures of opening LEWIS-TECK. LEWIS-TECK is my information technology consulting company which has been around for about eight years off and on in the beginning we did a lot of webpage design and web application development, then our focus change to to networking and server support. Now we are generally supporting higher education and government contracts. For a long time this was a one-man operation where I ran around the country giving my opinions and doing all the work myself.
The next step in the evolution of LEWIS-TECK will be to make it a major IT consulting company that specializes in government contracting as well as higher education information technology consulting. our main focus will be long-range strategic planning, system integration, data warehousing and Information technology organization restructuring. Throughout this series of blogs we will go  step-by-step all of the legal paperwork one must do to become a consulting company.

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