The New Vision Of LEWIS-TECK

 For many years LEWIS-TECK was a very small company that I basically use when I got outside consulting jobs to ensure all tax’s was paid to the federal and state government. From time to time I would occasionally get a phone call to do contract work in the beginning it was mostly website design and web application development. After a couple years the primary focus of LEWIS-TECK changed to a catchall information technology consulting company that specializes in higher education. Where I would get calls to help with organizational change or defining the role of information technology at the institution, Even though I have the gift of dyslexia, my over all written communication skills are somewhat lacking, I seem to have a amazing way of seeing  the true vision of the institution. in the amazing gift to reorganize a division or department of information-technology professionals to meet the true needs of the university or college over the long term.
After spending a year in upstate New York away from the family it quickly dawn on me. that my business needs to be based in North Carolina in for many family reasons including A 14-year-old young son (the kid)  who believes he’s should be treated like 30 year old and should not listen to his mother anymore, and the frantic phone calls dealing with a overprotective mother who should be nameless but I call her wifey, it’s truly  dawn on me that having a business and running around the country sometime for 4 to 5 months at a time this was not the way to make it to my 25th wedding anniversary.
This leads me to the new vision of LEWIS-TECK I needed to design A company that would bring in reasonable income in order for me to be based in North Carolina I must branch out from my original focus of higher education. As usual once my mind starts to run. There will be thousands of thoughts coming into my mind all at once. I must begin to whittle them down to the truly brilliant two or three that will work in the long-run. I knew I must keep my focus on higher education because that has been the primary breadwinner for the family; I also wanted to branch out into state and federal contracts because that seemed to be a really good niche. I also thought some businesses on the verge of going from small to medium could use a hand with long-range strategic planning and to top it all off I figure if I added in a home-based service I could steady out the cash flows.
So what all of these great ideas in mind I began the new vision for LEWIS-TECK I quickly came to realize home-based service while a very profitable part of the market is not a entry point that I am willing to pay the price to get in to. When I say pay the price it is not a lot of money but it is a lot of competition with the best buys in the numerous numbers of small business that specialized in home base computing services, this segment of the market will be due for a great price wars in ever decreasing margins due to the immense amount of competition in the space. So my new vision of LEWIS-TECK will leave me to concentrate on four primary markets education, state contracts, federal contracts and small to midsized businesses I will keep you abreast of the ever-changing vision of LEWIS-TECK it should be quite interesting to sit back in 18 months to see where the vision began to where it ends.


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