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Mission statement:

The primary purpose of this social media group is to help support people who are looking for information and resources about dyslexia, without a sales pitch. Ten percent of Americans suffer from dyslexia; we provide a place to come for resources and information relating to colleges and universities, K-12 educational institutions, and a host of other topics of interest about dyslexia. People can not only find information and resources, but share personal stories, challenges, and successes with other like-minded people. Our purpose is to have a common community with a common outcome: awareness and assistance for dyslexics in America.

Membership Levels for One Calendar Year (all monetary denominations are in US dollars)

All memberships will be billed on a one-year basis and will not automatically be renewed. You will receive an e-mail 60 days prior to your membership expiring, at which time you will be able to renew your membership at a 25% discount (if completed before your old membership expires).

  • Individual members: $19.95
  • Family memberships: $50 up to 5 family members
  • Nonprofit organizations: $250 up to 20 members
  • For-profit organizations: $500 up to 20 members
  • Corporate sponsor level I: $10,000 plus unlimited members
  • Corporate sponsors level II: $2000 to $10,000 up to 40 members
  • Corporate sponsors level III: $1000 to $2000 up to 40 members

Instructions on joining

Step one: click on the following link fill out the registration form for

Step two: click on the following link On the right side bar you will see a link for donations. Click on this link to donate: all donations will be processed through PayPal; or you can send checks or money orders to Dyslexic in America/Lewis-Teck at P.O. Box 1529, Clayton, NC 27580

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