Information about Texas A&M Univ-Main Campus Support Services for people with Dyslexia

As part of the ongoing discussion inside of Dyslexic in America, we have dedicated a special section to colleges and university with Strong support Services for people with dyslexia and other disabilities. I have sent out a request for information from each of the institutions we have begun two explore; I will be posting the responses from each individual institution as they come in.



I. Contact information for student support services or institutional specialists trained in the area of dyslexia?

1. Disability Services, (979) 845-1637,

II. Number of students admitted to college or university every year?

1. 16,130 admitted; 8,176 enrolled (first time in college, Fall 2010

III. Number of students admitted to college or university with dyslexia?


1. We track our numbers of students by disability category, rather than specific disability. We have 478 students with learning disabilities registered with the Department of Disability Services this fall semester. It is more accurate to count number enrolled and registered rather than the number admitted since not all students disclose when they first come to college (unfortunately)

IV. List the top five programs for all students at college or university? (this is by major)

1. General Studies, Biomedical Sciences, Business Administration, Interdisciplinary Studies, Biology, Psychology

V. List the top five programs for all students with dyslexia?

1. I can easily give you this information for all students with disabilities by college. If you would like me to find out the same information for students with learning disabilities and/or by major, it will take me some time to run a report on our database. We are about to give final exams and I would not be able to do that until after that point. For all students with disabilities: Engineering, Agriculture and Life Sciences, General Academic Programs, Liberal Arts, Mays Business School

VI. List your overall retention rate for all students?

1. 91.8%

VII. List your overall retention rate for students with dyslexia?

1. We don’t have current stats on our retention rate. We participated in a study several years ago that may have this information and I am trying to locate that information.

VIII. Percentage of students that graduate within five years?

1. 75.9%

IX. Percentage of students with dyslexia that graduate within five years?

1. We also don’t have current stats on our graduation rates. Again, it may be in the study that I am working on locating.

X. Number of trained or certified staff assisting with learning disabilities?

1. We have 7 Accommodations Counselors who all have a caseload of students with varying disabilities. All 7 work with students with learning disabilities

XI. Please list the methods of remediation?

1. Testing center for students with disabilities, extended time, note-taking assistance, referrals for tutoring, academic coaching, and academic counseling, adaptive technology, consultation with individual counselor.

XII. Please list technology resources?

1. RFBD Audio books on CD (RFBD CD players)

2. Electronic Text with Text-to-speech software

3. Franklin Spellers

4. Read & Write Gold software (text-to-speech, writing tools, research tools)

5. Kurzweil 3000 software (text-to-speech, writing tools, research tools)

6. Dragon Natually Speaking voice recognition software

7. Audio recorders

XIII. Statement about your institution and the philosophy’s that you follow, to ensure support services for students with disabilities?

1. Disability Services promotes an academic experience for students with disabilities that is fully inclusive and accessible.

XIV. Date and time lines for admissions and other criteria documentation needed for assistance I.E. (IEP, psychology reports etc). ?

1. We begin accepting documentation for students as soon as they accept their offer of admissions. Documentation will be reviewed by our documentation review committee throughout the semester ending approximately 2 weeks before the semester ends. At that point, we will no longer review documentation for the semester as we are in the process of preparing for final exams administration.

XV. Any links, photographs and information that you would wish for me to share with followers?

1. Feel free to reference our website for other information including our statistics, procedures, etc. You are welcome to contact me with any further questions.

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