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Over the years in developing Dyslexic in America the primary purpose has always been to have a social media site. Where people with dyslexia, people who supported them could go in share information without a sales pitch, to my amazement the site has grown to about 800 strong users has been a difficult journey what lots of twists and turns. For a long time I have resisted outside funding because I did not want to spam my users with sales pitches, but one of the other primary goals has always been to grow site that had more than 10,000 users and support groups based in each state. As description model this goal seems highly unlikely. Now the question in your mind is why you are going into all this information. Dyslexic in America has been propositioned with the unique opportunity for sponsorship which would cover the basic costs of the site as well as some of the administration costs. This would allow me to open the site to everyone without a subscription base. But this would also mean there would be some advertising as well as more fund-raising pushes from Dyslexic in America. Over the next couple of weeks I will be making a decision on how we should proceed any feedback would greatly be appreciated. But the great news is that I had been given funding to add an additional 100 subscribers to the site over the next couple weeks some of my loyal followers will be receiving invitations to join the site. I will be inviting the followers who have faithfully followed the site; I believe you can add some true value with individual groups and forms. Once again we always appreciate your support here at Dyslexic in America.

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Thank you Leon Lewis Jr.

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