Bulldog Helps Children Beat Letter Reversals (q and p) —— (b and d)

Letter reversals are A unique problem for both parents and teachers of young children and for the children who confuse letters they feel a lot of Bulldog Letter Reversals pressure to get them right – but they have no idea how to.  The reason for this is because it’s commonly thought that letter reversals are a strong indicator of dyslexia.  However, whilst letter reversals are an indication of dyslexia and many dyslexic children do struggle with this it is also a problem for young children in general?  It’s surprisingly common in children up to the age of 7 or 8 years and especially for the letters (q and p). 

 Let me explain why.  Take for example an apple. Turn it upside down, is it still an apple? Flip it over, still an apple? With any object you choose, no matter how you hold it, it will not change what we call it. From the moment we are born and start focusing, this is what we learn. Then, when we start to learn to read, the rules change; ‘d’ if we reflect it, it becomes ‘p’ but we still see it as ‘q’ just like the apple.

 Up until now there hasn’t been a comprehensive resource for helping children actively overcome letter reversals.  Sue Kerrigan who is a teacher and private tutor helping dyslexic and struggling children learn in-spite of their learning difficulties has developed the multi-sensory Bulldog Letter Reversals games, worksheets and kinesthetic activities pack.  Being dyslexic herself she has recognized that the problem with reversals is two-fold.  Firstly, the younger children who are thinking in 3D as described with the apple example and dyslexic children.    The pack is carefully structured and is suitable for all ages from Reception to Key Stage 2 (5-12 year olds).  It is available to purchase as the Key Stage 1 pack or the complete Key Stage 1 / 2 and Dyslexia pack. The package can be purchased as a download from www.bulldogletterreversals.com

Bulldog Letter Reversals

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