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Over the past three years I have been a member of New Trinity Missionary Baptist Church Clayton North Carolina. I have a series of blog’s that I called the path to enlightenment and salvation, in this series I discuss religion from the point of view of a person with dyslexia. Who has strong feelings about right and wrong, as a dyslexic it is one of our natural traits. To like things that are absolute since we spend the majority of our life with the English language playing gymnastic tricks. We become very comfortable when things are absolute like 2+2 = 4. So religion is an excellent place for a person who believes in absolute, either you have a very strong belief in God or you do not believe in God as a dyslexic there is no middle ground.


My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is to expand upon the path to enlightenment and salvation by telling the absolute truth, a lot of you might find this ironic but most churches are a place of many secrets. Let me start this by saying this I actually prayed for a very long time about this and new trinity missionary Baptist Church is the place I believe God has placed me at for a purpose at this point and time in my life. It is filled with wonderful people who have a true passion to serve the Lord, we have a pastor that is highly knowledgeable in the word of the Lord and holds a great ability to explain the Bible not only in your standard metaphor but in a way that makes it easy for everybody to understand. There are a lot of dedicated people at my church who believe in true outreach and missionary work to help all in need; this is definitely the spiritual side of my church.


The worldly side of my church is an organization that has no regards for the bylaws, i.e. the church is supposed to hold for conferences a year to discuss church business and for the past three years we have not held more than three a year, for the past three years we have not had a written budget, the bylaws state that every two years all deacons and trustees must come up in conference for a vote I have been there three years and not even heard a discussion of a vote. And there are lots of other examples


So my New Year’s resolution is to truly tell the story of the experience of the person with dyslexia and how we see which should be the easiest job in the world serving the Lord maintaining your integrity and being godlike. I understand that some people at my church will be very uncomfortable with this series there have been several occasions when certain deacons at my church have threatened to place a lawsuit against me for mentioning the church’s name. This is not about this church in particular this is about the true battle between the spiritual being in the worldly being and how I as a dyslexic see this battle learn from this battle and deal with this battle. So it should be a wonderful year and my development as a Christian to get a true understanding of how I honor my commitment to God and try to walk in the path that he would lead me down.


Once again as always I highly appreciate all the support that I received from the people at Dyslexic in America

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