Request For Information – The Leelanau School, Glen Arbor, Michigan

As part of the ongoing discussion inside of Dyslexic in America, we have dedicated a special section to K-12 Education with Strong support Services for people with dyslexia and other disabilities. I have sent out a request for information from each of the institutions we have begun two explore, I will be posting the responses from each individual institution as they come in. Some of the information I have requested are Annual Tuition cost, Teachers to student ratio, Date and time lines for admissions and other criteria and documentation needed for assistance..

1. Institution name, location and contact information? The Leelanau School Glen Arbor, MI Director of Admission: Kathryn Auger-Campbell email: 

2. Please list the methods of remediation?

3. Please list technology resources?: On campus computer labs available for student use.

4. FTE full-time enrollment? 80 students

5. Teachers to student ratio? 1:6

6. Are you a day institution or a boarding school? We offer both boarding and day options

7. Statement about your institution and the philosophy’s that you follow?

The Learning Center (LC) is a curricular program designed to guide students toward becoming independent self-directed learners. Students entering the program begin by determining their learning styles – strengths and challenges – and their present level of academic functioning across all subject areas. This process of identification is achieved through the compilation of formal diagnostic information, faculty observation, self-reporting and informal diagnostics such as Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles surveys. The purpose of identifying and building awareness of each student’s academic profile is two-fold. Primarily, it is for the student to gain a deep level of awareness about their personal strengths, challenges and learning styles. The second purpose is for the academic and LC faculty to create a learning environment that allows students to access important information (content), process it (learning) and then demonstrate that they have learned (assessment).

Once students have developed self awareness of their intelligence and learning styles, they begin to set goals. Goal setting gives students the opportunity to maximize their areas of strength and improve in areas that are challenging to them. Students may identify important academic, social and/or personal goals. Upon setting goals, students must determine the skills, strategies and techniques that will give them the opportunity to be successful. The LC faculty works with individual students, guiding them through the process of setting goals, building skills and generalizing skills to other content areas. Students and teachers in the program work through this process on a continual basis to:

• Develop specific short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.

• Align strengths and interests with requisite goals.

• Identify and build specific skills to address areas of academic challenge.

• Identify and build specific skills to foster growth in areas of strength.

• Identify and employ community members to support goals and build skills.

• Monitor, adjust and create strategies as needed.

• Participate in activities that foster growth in identified areas.

The LC teachers monitor and track growth as students solidify skills and internalize methods through goal attainment and accomplishments. Students demonstrate mastery of goals through independent practice and by applying strategies in problem solving situations. These observations are made by all members of the school community connected with the student and their goals. They may include: teachers, residence life parents, sports coaches, counselors, FAU parents and administrators.

Students continue to identify and set new goals as they build upon their skills and utilize strategies. Throughout the process LC teachers guide student’s learning, monitor their progress and track growth according to their goals.

As students gain a high level of self-directed independent functioning, they have the opportunity to mentor other students as prefects in residence life, academics and in the LC program. Continued participation in activities that foster, develop and sustain intrapersonal and interpersonal skills help to create a sustainable program that benefits all students and the community.

8. Number of years your institution has been in operation? 81 years

9. Date and time lines for admissions and other criteria documentation needed for assistance I.E. (IEP, psychology reports etc) ?

• Rolling Admissions

• School application

• Teacher recommendations

• Transcripts

• Any educational or psychological testing

• IEP if available


10. Please list financial aid information?

The Leelanau School offers financial assistance to approximately 30% of its student body each year. It is not possible for Leelanau to consider requests for financial aid after admissions decisions are made, therefore families must indicate their intention of applying for aid on the application form or by calling the Admissions Office at (231) 334-5800.

Please Note: Because Leelanau’s funds are limited, financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students with demonstrated financial need. We encourage those students who are considering attending Leelanau to submit their application as soon as possible. Leelanau cannot guarantee that all candidates who qualify for financial aid will receive assistance. Please find the instructions below.

Leelanau is committed to a strong financial aid program. The School seeks students and families committed to using their own resources to make a Leelanau education their top priority. Leelanau expects each family to stretch their financial resources to meet a fair portion of the cost of attending The Leelanau School

11. Annual Tuition cost?

• Tuition for 2010-2011 School Year

• Boarding Students $51,847

• 5 Day Boarding Students $44,275

• Day Students $25,343

• First Year Senior Fee $2,000

• ESL Fee $4,000

• International Student Service Fee $2,000

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