The Ever Shrinking World Through Social Networking?

I have recently become a Facebook fanatic, I highly enjoy finding classmates I haven’t talked to in 20+ years just to see how their life has turned out. I am happy to report 90% of the time I am glad to see the overwhelming success, that most of the people I went to junior high school, high school and college with are enjoying in their lives. I have begun to notice a strange phenomena, I went to junior high school and high school in northern New jersey the Maplewood South Orange school district in the late 70s early 80s, I went to college in the Appalachian mountains at Western Carolina University in the late 90s.

I have begun to notice that some of the people I went to high school and junior high school with, our friends with the people I went to college with. This would not be such a strange occurrence in most people’s life, but since my high school life was in the early 80s, in my college life was in the late 90s, plus 5 states away and separated by 700 miles I began to think of what are the chances of more than one or two people from totally different backgrounds and geographical areas being friends or acquaintances. As of now the count is approximately 6 people from different times and points of my life also being friends or acquaintances with each other.

As I pondered this unique phenomena over the last several , weeks it began to dawn on me maybe it has nothing to do with time, distance or geographical location. Maybe it’s just that people who truly have things in common ( I.E Simla upbringing, similar religious beliefs, similar culture and a similar drive for education and success.) Will attract like-minded people as friends and acquaintances over time, so my question of the day. Is the world really that much smaller then we truly believe or is social networking bringing us closer together?

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