Ghotit. Evaluate


This next series of blogs will be a series about a product called Ghotit. The people at Ghotit were nice enough to send me a copy so I can evaluate for the Dyslexic in America family. First observation is that the install was relatively simple but would’ve been nice if the install instructions were linked to a YouTube video or an audio file to make it easier to understand for dyslexics. I will be using this product in consultation with NaturallySpeaking; I usually spend a lifetime dictating into Microsoft Word and then going back working on spelling and grammar. For the several articles on this product I will not be using any spelling and grammar check that are outside of the product. So first things first, let me give the product ***** stars for ease of install and ease-of-use. in my next blog I will discuss the overall  accuracy and how much time it takes to have a true understanding of how to use the product well.



Some of my initial questions will be

  • If I do not have an Internet connection will this product work?
  • How much data is stored on my PC?
  • If it is mandatory for me to have an Internet connection for this product to work what type of encryption is being used for my information when it travels across the Internet?
  • If it is being stored on their servers, who ultimately owns the right to all materials dictated and created by me?

These will just be some of the questions and my overall evaluation, please stay tuned for future updates on this and other products.

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