Are You interested in being a contributor, editor, researcher, or blogger. On Dyslexic in America

We are currently looking for people who are interested in being a contributor, editor, researcher, or blogger. On Dyslexic in America, if you hold a passion or an interest in any of the subjects listed below or another subject that you believe that should be included in the social media networking site. Please send me an e-mail at all help will be greatly appreciated.

• Children Activities

• Colleges and Universities

• Diet and Nutrition

• Federal Laws

• K-12 Educational

• Legal Update

• State Laws

• Technologies

• Tutoring Programs

• Hosting a blog talk radio show
• Other

PS For those of you who are very comfortable with technology, we will grant you all the access you need to complete your task. For those of you who are uncomfortable with technology we will make arrangements so all your ideas and information can also be posted. All ages welcome if you are a Student. I would highly encourage you to blog about your experience and day-to-day activities; this will greatly help other people of your age group see the immense possibilities of their lives.

Our mission:

The primary purpose of this social media group is to help support people who are looking for information and resources about dyslexia, without a sales pitch. To have a place to come for resources and information about dyslexia as well as to provide information about, state laws, federal laws and a host of other topics to have a common community with a common goal. Another one of my primary goals is to have a website where people can come free of charge to find information and resources and share personal stories as well as information with other people.

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