The Never Ending Battle Between Students With Disabilities And University And College Professor’s

After reading an article earlier, today titled A Reader Comments on Student Accommodations [George Leef Duke University professor John Staddon offers this comment on the learning disability/accommodations

It is amazing to me after 25 + years of research into the area of disabilities like dyslexia; you will still find college professors out there today who refuse to deal with basic accommodations for all students. It is a widely held belief among many college and university’s professors that it is a violation of their academic freedom to have to submit to accommodation request no matter how well documented to student needs for certain accommodations. The situation is made even more difficult by their cries of academic freedom and unfairness to all other student’s. To further complicate the situation once a professor has reached a tenured Status it is almost impossible for the administration to ensure that they follow any rules set by state or federal laws or common decency. This is a situation that must be addressed throughout all universities and colleges administrations regardless of the consequences and the backlash from faculty Senate in other powerful organization structures. Common courtesy and basic public decency would save that if an individual needs accommodation (I.E. more time on the test, a transcriber or a reader). That an academic would have no problems with truly getting a real read on a person’s in-depth knowledge of the subject and not only their ability to regurgitate information word for word in the way that the University professor sees it.

Unfortunately this is an area that leads most university and college presidents and chancellors down a dangers road of lawsuits and never ending battles with faculty members, University Senate and other parts of the organizations designed to support academics in these cases the thought is not about the true mission of any college or University to educate the next generation. It is strictly about the ego of a professor who has the ability to yell academic freedom and hide like a coward behind tenure.

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