Famous People With Dyslexia Laura Kirkpatrick

From Stanford, Kentucky comes Laura, a 19-year-old waitress who aspires to be someone known for working the runway instead of working tables. This 5’6” beauty has dreamed of becoming a model for quite some time, so she took the opportunity to be one when it arrived. She managed to get herself through an arduous audition process where she made her mark, veering away from her love of paintball and dirt bikes. This self-proclaimed tomboy grew up in a dairy farm and is proud of her roots. Laura became known for admitting that she castrated cows, but decided to take on the path leading her to be one of the contestants for America’s Next Top Model’s Cycle 13.

Known as the season for the Shorties, this cycle of the hit series will premiere with its new twist of including models 5’7” or under. Fourteen girls will compete for the grand prize of a modeling contract, as well as holding the title of being 
America’s Next Top Model. They will soon be going through several challenges that will test their skills, enabling them to prove themselves and fulfill their dreams. The 14 will go fierce and fabulous as they learn to master complicated catwalks, undergo intense physical fitness, take part in fashion photo shoots and perfect their publicity skills.

Laura Kirkpatrick: Dealing with Dyslexia

I see in one of the comments someone asked if I was dyslexic. Yes I am very much so. I struggled so much in school and I took a lot of abuse because of it. I had to learn on my own how to deal with it. It seemed there was absolutely no one in the school system that teaches dyslexic students what it is or how to deal with it. I hope someday I can bring attention to this problem. I want to become very active in helping the dyslexic problem go away. It caused me a lot of pain in school. I often felt dumb or embarrassed and I would get physical sick just thinking about going to school. I was too embarrassed until now to speak up about being dyslexic but now I want to fight against it. I don’t want other students to have to go through what I had to. For those who don’t know what it is… Dyslexia is a learning disability where there is a gap in the brain. It makes it near impossible to remember patterns. Dyslexic people can’t hear the phonological sound of letters. Black and white text can make us sick to look at, since it may look like it’s moving, switched around, missingect. Every dyslexic person is different though so it’s hard to find the right way to help. I could go on all day about it but I’ll stop there for now.
Love, Laura

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