90 days of silence day 4

This new series is called 90 days of silence, which will be a follow-up of Listen to Listen Do Not Listen to Talk.  For the next 90 days I will truly listen to every word people say and not just listen to talk.  In this blog I will state what people have said to me, then restated from the mind of a dyslexic individual, this should be a highly interesting experiment.

Day 4 of 90 days of silence, as I watched the presidential debate last night. The question was to both candidates, how you would deal with the deficit and balance the budget.

What was said? Both candidates stated that they would reform the tax code, lowered tax rates and close loopholes, etc.

What was heard in the mind of dyslexic: I will close loopholes that will mostly inconvenience the people that didn’t vote for me, and keep loopholes to help the people that voted for me.

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