90 days of silence day3

This new series is called 90 days of silence, which will be a follow-up of Listen to Listen Do Not Listen to Talk.  For the next 90 days I will truly listen to every word people say and not just listen to talk.  In this blog I will state what people have said to me, then restated from the mind of a dyslexic individual, this should be a highly interesting experiment.


Day 3 of 90 days of silence, I have the strong belief in the ultimate right and wrong with no gray area in between. The other day I was walking by a conversation that two of my fellow church members were having about same-sex marriage. It was a unique experience into the belief system of the lateral mindset.


What was said?

  • The first gentleman said gay marriage is an abomination in God’s eyes.
  • The second gentleman said sometime we have to understand all people don’t think the same and we need to guide them in the right direction with patients and love.

What was heard in the mind of dyslexic: my sins are less sinful than other people’s sins because God knows my heart.

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