90 days of silence day 5

This new series is called 90 days of silence, which will be a follow-up of Listen to Listen Do  Not Listen to Talk.  For the next 90 days I will truly listen to every word people say and not just listen to talk.  In this blog I will state what people have said to me, then restated from the mind of a dyslexic individual, this should be a highly interesting experiment.

Day 5 of 90 days of silence, I received a interesting question yesterday/ which I will try to answer in this blog.  I will answer the question in two ways.

1.   a direct answer to the question

2.   the question related to the blog

What was said: Lenny Victor Pace “Ok I’ll bite? What is the meaning of 90 days of silence?”

What was heard in the mind of dyslexic?

1.   The basic meaning behind 90 days of silence is a time to listen and not listening to talk.  At the end of each unique statement that people make,  I would like to give the outside world,  A view into the mind of a person with dyslexia.

2.   Since the question was posed at the end of day four, which related to a statement made during the presidential debate.  The question could be why you are picking on my candidate.  Which would be an amazing question to me, since day one of the 90 days of silence was about how me as a Christian has it stronger aversion, to shorten the Lord out of his 10%.  Since day 4 was a political blog post, So to get a comment based on politics and not the Lord would truly be a strong statement about the world that we live in today.

So I hope this answers the question, no matter which one it was.


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