Dyslexic in America – Who is Leon Lewis Jr.?

I began to write this long drawn out blog, trying to explain who Leon Lewis Jr. really is. This is not that complicated I’m an African-American male born in 1964 in New York City with a disability called dyslexia. My father is a African-American male who used to be part of the black panthers and spend some time in and out of jail. My mother is a African-American woman who tried her best as a single mother to raise two kids.

There are lots of points and times in my life that defines me, but the overwhelming influence in my life is my Grandmother. In the early 60s when people did not understand what dyslexia was you always had outsiders giving a vice, the child is just lazy and your child is just illiterate. At this point in time there was always one shining voice in the dark, in the voice would always say.

“No matter what they say you will always be my baby. You can truly be anything you want to be. If you let other people define your boundaries your life will always fall short of your true potential, set your own boundaries for your own life, Respect other people, You should never do anything in the dark that you do not want to come to the light”. These words of wisdom from my Grandmother, have become the guiding principles in my life.

This is a note to all of the parents out there with children with dyslexia. Please take the time to encourage what your kids are good at. Instead of being stuck on the negatives please always encourage your kids to do what they are good at. This will go a long way in making your kid into the person he/she can truly be. This is a life lesson I learned from a truly wonderful person ahead of her time thank you grandmother.

So back to the original question who is Leon Lewis Jr. I am a man who has truly been blessed in my life with love from many people, even though lots of people see dyslexia as my weakness. I see dyslexia as the true strength of my personality and a true blessing from my God. It has taught me to hold the great amount of respect for all people and always treat people how I would like to be treated myself. It is the true underpinning of my character as a man today.

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