Statement of Faith

I realized my faith in Christ at an early age after having being taught primarily by my grandmother to look to  Christ for my salvation and to Him alone. As I grew in to a young man and began to experience life, there has certainly been a renewal and strengthening of faith.

To illustrate His grace and mercy, I began to draw close to Him when at the age of seven I was diagnosed as having dyslexia. Struggling to learn to read while being teased by peers and having various adults label me; I took the lead from my Grandmother and her strength and faith in Christ. I began to lean on Christ for strength. I learned that if I put my trust in Him and believed, things would progress according to His will. That knowledge became enough for me. I eventually earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

God drew my heart back to Him after succumbing to temptations in college. The “child-like” character of my faith waned as I launched into life on my own. God was patient and merciful to me. He simply waited for me to recall his mercies and return my absolute faith to Him. From that point onward I have had the good fortune to be surrounded by friends strong in the body of Christ, my pastor and my family who serve as mentors, teachers and examples of good Christians. Through these people I have learn the importance of embracing Christ with both my heart and my mind.

I continue to grow in Christ and my faith. I devote myself continually to God’s Word and prayer.


  1. Kroger_Sifon says:

    That is deep stuff right there, Did you wrote that or is that in the bible ?

  2. Damond Nollan says:

    Amen, Leon!

  3. Leon Lewis Jr says:

    It is actually something that I wrote, over the last year I have been on a journey to get a better understanding how dyslexia has truly affected my life. Hopefully in five years, I can look back at the stuff I have written an. see a true growth in the understanding in this beautiful miracle that was given to me call dyslexia.

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