Farewell to a good friend


Farewell to a good friend, since I was about 9 years old. I have been using my favorite statement “I am just a poor black man trying to make it in America (Lewis, 1975)”

as of October 19, 2013 I can no longer use the statement in good or bad conscience. Last week during the government shutdown I Was listening to news stories about the government shutdown and something caught my attention.

A story about government making the decision to shut down the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) program, imagesThe basic purpose of this program is to provide milk, cereal, eggs and other basic staples to children below the poverty level and under age 5. I would truly explain the thoughts that went through my mind when I heard the government had decided to shut down the pro


gram but I also must remember that I am a Christian. No matter whom you want to blame for the government shutdown. When we as a country make a hard decision that it is okay to not feed needy children under 5 years old, There is no justification for this action no matter what God you server or don’t serve. So back to my dilemma what will be my new metaphor for everyday life I will let you know soon.

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