Spider & Bat: A Book Designed for Dyslexic Children

A children’s book designed for people suffering from dyslexia… the first in a series… we call it Dyslexia Enhanced.Spider-_-Bat-01---500px.large

Imagine life as a child not being able to read… of not being able to escape into the pages of a book, to sit with their parents and enjoy a story. To not start their dreams simply because the letters didn’t make sense, because they turned themselves around, because they jumbled as they leap off the page.

This is dyslexia, and it is very real for hundreds of millions of children around the world. It affects their learning and of their desire to pursue further learning. It holds them back. It affects their future and strangles opportunity.
Spider & Bat: Best Friends Forever is the first in a series of books being published to aid the reading of people burdened with dyslexia. It is also just the first step in an innovative program that may have far reaching implications for many people who find reading a loan agreements so hard to digest they just don’t read it before they sign.
For people whose everyday life is impacted by not being able to read for pleasure. We will take you on a journey, and best of all we will tell you all about in a way you can read it. Our books will initially be publishing by traditional means and will be readable in two directions – one in a standard type face and the other with special treatments to aid dyslexic readers.
But this is just our first step…
Spider & Bat: Best Friends Forever
The first Spider & Bat book is expected to be ready for delivery in February 2014. Beautifully illustrated by Brett Moffatt, this book will take readers young and old on a journey of discovery, of how difference shouldn’t be a block to friendship. Spider & Bat: Best Friends Forever is a 44 page book designed for kids to reads to parents, and parents to read to kids.

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