The Unending Noise Of The Lateral World

Over the past year or so as I get a greater understanding of the dyslexic mind, I have started to notice a new phenomenon that I want to Unending Noisecall the noise of the lateral world. The more and more I listen to people try to justify their acts of injustice or just bad behavior. The way a lateral thinker will use any reason to justify their behavior boggles, my mind and is starting to become painful. the enlist justification for all acts is truly unbelievable overtime I’m beginning to really despise justifications we all do things that are not right or just bluntly wrong.

As I’ve discussed this topic with several of my friends and colleagues. The prevailing wisdom is maybe I should try a little harder to understand the lateral mind and justifications, they keep repeating the same statement everything in the world is not black or white or true or false. I would like to put an end to this myth right now, in the real world everything is black or white or true or false. Only in the deepest darkest corner of the lateral mind could we ever come up with the concept of middle ground, this concept is totally based on man’s need to justify their actions no matter how atrocious they are.

Beginning in 2014 I refuse to take any justification from anybody. As they begin with their feeble attempt to justify their behavior, I will simply shut them off and go on about my business because the noise of the lateral world is becoming overly painful for a dyslexic mind to comprehend


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