The New 90 days of silence for 2014 03-19-2014

The New 90 days of silence for 2014, which will be a follow-up of Listen to Listen Do Not Listen to Talk.  For the next 90 days I will truly listen to every word people say and not just listen to talk.  In this blog I will state what people have said to me, then restated from the mind of a dyslexic individual, this should be a highly interesting experiment.

Day one as me and my wife were going over our monthly budget; we follow the Dave Ramsey plan in my house.  We were discussing our charitable donations and church donations, which are stated, should be 10% of your gross income.  There was a shortfall in the monthly budget and the wife said to me.

  • What was said: Let’s take the difference out of the charitable donations.
  • What was heard in the mind of dyslexic: let’s short, the Lord.

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