Dyslexic Sukcess

Tim Mills was not lazy. He was dyslexic. When Tim was growing up, no one had ever heard of dyslexia, or learning disabilities, so his dyslexic-sukcess-tod-megibow-paperback-cover-artfather thought he was just lazy. His father’s only cure for laziness was a good beating.

Thus, violence was something Tim hated. That’s why he could not figure out why Sissy, who had no real grudge against Walker, wanted to kill Walker. But Walker was dead and Sissy had been convicted of killing him at the first trial. But this was the second trial, the first reversed on appeal, and this was Tim’s last chance to find out who really killed Walker. Would he get the answer by looking at the case from a dyslexic point of view?

Born and raised in New York City, Tod’s dyslexia was not discovered until tenth grade. He learned to compensate for it with an incredible innate memory. He memorized his entire Bar Mitzvah service, and any other important educational information. He attended a Methodist College and a Jesuit Law school. He now practices law as a solo practitioner concentrating in the trial of criminal defense and plaintiff’s personal injury cases. He resides on his quiet nine-acre home, “The Meg-A-Rosa,” where he gardens, swims, and writes. Only friends and their pets are allowed on the Meg-A-Rosa. No lawyers! Work on the sequel has begun.

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