The Responsibility To family

Over the last several weeks, I’ve seen many people began to lose hope as the economy worsens in more and more people lose their jobs. as Other people are forced to step up to help support family and friends meet their everyday basic needs food and lodging. We no longer have the support system of living next to many relatives who can help us out during bad times. Due to our willingness to separate ourselves from our overall heritage, and chase the dream wherever it might lead in this mobile society. We as a generation have cut ourselves off from our basic support systems. As I watched the burden of family support shift from one generation to the next, I began to hold more and more respect for the pillars of this lost society we used to call family. The strong Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents who held everyone together no matter what. The family dinners and family get-togethers built a strong support network we no longer enjoy in today’s society. It is unfortunate that the majority of Americans can walk by a relative and not even know or recognize that individual as a family member.

Were do we go from here the lost generation, like every other generation before us we will find a way to adapt. It is time for boys to become men and girls to become women, and step up to the challenges we have created for ourselves in chasing the dream and the almighty dollar. It might be time for serious reflection in our overall goals of life, there might even be something said for a simpler lifestyle that focuses on family and enjoying life. Do we really need a 3000 ft.² house for three people with four cars in the driveway. If this statement offends you I am glad. We as a society must truly review our values and get back to the simpler things in life family friends in the basic thought of truly helping out your neighbor without looking for a pat on the back or rewards. We also must truly begin to think of the values that we are demonstrating to the next generation where money, cars, houses and the perception of success leads us to neglect the one true thing we should respect above all other, responsibility to family.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm proud of you

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