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letter of love and appreciation

This will be a special blog to say thank you, to all the truly special females in my life. As I was thinking about the proper way to write this blog it dawned on me, first I need to start with the definition of love (in this case were going to use the definition in the context of people who hold a special place in my heart, i.e. your name brings a smile to my heart, I hold you in special regard as a person, your integrity is without question or you are truly one of the special people with the ability to touch people with your love and care).


Throughout my life people seem to come in special and unique categories, it seems to be a recurring pattern in the way I think. How do I measure the qualities of the people that I wish to honor with this blog?

Little Ones
There are the Little Ones these are people who have the light of potential in their eyes, every time you see them you know everything in the world is possible and there is still hope for the world. I’m especially drawn to these people because no matter how jaded the world becomes these are the people who seem to allow you to still believe in the potential that people are good at heart and have the ability to be better, just be better than everybody else.

  • Channon Burgess,
  • Deidre Gales,
  • Letoya Porter,
  • Montana Gales,
  • Rodin Echols,
  • Shaquana Suggs,
  • Tre’vone Gales,
  • Kelli Gales,
  • Alana Stephenson,
  • Diamond Sostereo,
  • Robin Nozato,
  • Zawadi N Powell,
  • Tonya S. Artis,
  • Debra Bertolino-Waring,
  • Shameeka Burton,
  • Rebekah Novemsky,
  • Veronica ann Holder
  • Marquita Brazier
  • and ECT

The Alpha female
These are the ones who always known their place in the world and where they are going. These females hold unlimited potential to be anything and everything they could ever dream, their self-confidence and overall integrity is something to be highly admired. But behind all of this out words or parents they still hold the true qualities of Little Ones

  • Patrice J. Parrish,
  • Liza Hamerman Castles,
  • Billie Hanes,
  • Angela Gales,
  • and ECT

The Oracle
The Oracle is a very unique type of person, this female holds the knowledge and experience beyond comprehension, qualities are truly amazing to me she has the ability to, calm down  a room with simple words like “it is time to sit down sweetie” or demand respect with a simple look. She also has the ability to tell you the truth crush your feelings and make you fill love all in the same breath. She is the true combination of the Little Ones and Alpha female, this is a trait that is held in such a special breed of person it is almost impossible to describe it is the combination that all little boys think of when we look at the wisdom of our grandmothers combined with the ability to negotiate like Queen Elizabeth the first and the ability to hold court like Tyler Perry’s Madea

  • Tendai Johnson (Paula),
  • · Robyn Render
  • Linda Whitley

So this is a thanks to the females in my life, with the hope that you’re spending this day truly surrounded by loved ones. As I hold the knowledge in my heart that you will change the world by your simple presence into a better place tomorrow than it is today.


With always love and respect your friend Leon Lewis Jr

Letter of thanks to the light

This is a letter of thanks, to the people in my life that have been the light at the end of the tunnel. Over my life there have been many people who have had a positive effect, and I’ve never taken the time to say thank you. This is a letter to all of the people that have been a positive  light in my life during dark moments an always pointed me in the right direction with a smile and kindness.

• To Sonia, Lisa and Helena thank you very much for being the people that I could talk to at any time. During one of the most difficult times of my life, the never ending smiles and your ability to always say the right things at the right time.

• To Robin thank you very much for the thousands of hours that we spent on the phone during high school, in you’re never ending optimistic view of the world.

• To Rebecca better known as Becky thank you very much for being one of the people who truly listened to me, even though I’m pretty sure you probably did not understand what I was rambling on about it takes a special kind of person to truly listen.

• To James thank you for stopping me from being on the grind, in pointing me in the right direction.

• To Debbie thank you very much for your overall smile and understanding even when you didn’t realize what you were doing your true personality and abilities for empathy always shine brightly. Please send a special thanks to your father for all of his speeches he gave me as a kid to try to keep me out of trouble.

• To Lori Fox thank you for truly understanding the day-to-day difficulties of being dyslexic before most people knew what it was.

• To coach and Pam from Western Carolina University I truly thank you for your patience and your willingness to point people in the right direction

• To Faith thank you for your ability to always see the good in all situations and speak the truth and a soft Carrie manner.

• To Jerel just thank you for being who you are a person with a truly good heart and the patient’s of a priest.

• To Mrs. Davidson thank you for being patient and always making me feel like a part of your family.

• To Mr. and Miss. Hamerman thanks for your patience and your over all influence in my life even though I’ve never said it I truly thank you for being there during difficult moments in my life.

It would be a true shame for any individual to leave this world and not take the time to tell the people who have had positive influence on their life thank you very much. So over the next couple of months I will be writing a series of blogs called thank you letters. I hope each and every person who reads these letters will take time out to send a quick thank you note to the true sources of light in positivity and there life’s.