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Request For Sponsorship For DyslexicinAmericainfo from Nuance

To: Paul Ricci Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Nuance Software, Steve Chambers Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Chief Marketing Officer

Let me start this letter by introducing myself, my name is Leon Lewis Jr, at the current time I have a Blog in the Facebook group called Dyslexic in America.  We at Dyslexic in America are currently in the process of expanding our web portal We are currently looking for corporate sponsors and partners to help us. support the Dyslexic community since your company is a major provider of information technology that supports Dyslexia and other learning disabilities I would like to pursue a partnership or sponsorship from you and your company. Please find below links to our websites and other information if you’re interested please contact me.

·         Twitter:

·         Old web Portal:

·         Outline for new web Portal:


Vision for Dyslexic in America is to become an information resource sharing site. Where people around the country in the world, can come to share information that they consider important for other people to know. I would want to make sure the site was not a place where vendors would come to sell you things but were we could truly evaluate methods and tools that might help us as a community. Please find a list of things below; I think the site should focus on at this time. I am really in need of any feedback suggestions or comments from the community of dyslexic in America. I truly believe if we do this as a total community we can truly get the information out there to the people who need it that each and every one of us has struggle to find every day.

Leon Lewis Jr.

Phone: (919) 28D-YSLE, Fax: 919-585-6580
Address: PO Box 1529, Clayton, NC 27520