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Clicker Writer

Most word processors are designed for literate adults. Clicker Writer is designed for children who are learning to read and write. It will grow with your students as they develop their skills, making it the ideal word processor for the elementary classroom.

Students type into Clicker Writer from the keyboard, or use Clicker Grids to enter words and pictures, so you really can use it across your age and ability range.

Amazing quality speech

Clicker Writer helps learners find and correct errors and grow in independence and confidence by providing automatic speech feedback as students write. Each sentence is automatically read out as it is completed, with every word clearly highlighted as it is spoken, enabling learners to follow the text and review what they have written. Research shows that this active engagement with text encourages students to find and correct errors for themselves.

Clicker Writer screenshot

Write with pictures

When you’re using pictures from Clicker Grids, or the “Instant Pictures” feature, pictures are displayed above the words as you write, helping students to read their writing. Use pictures from the Crick Picture Library that comes with the program, or use other picture libraries such as the Mayer Johnson PCS symbols, or your own bank of photos.

Clicker Writer screenshot

Child-friendly font

The child-friendly Sassoon font displays letters in the familiar form that children learn to write. This makes words and letter patterns easier to recognize for early readers.

Easy-to-use tools

Clicker Writer’s tools use the standard icons that students need to become familiar with. By default, they are displayed at a larger size, making them ideal for early writers. The toolbar is fully customizable, so you can adjust the size of the tools and display just the ones you want your students to use.

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NEO 2—The Premier Writing Tool Does So Much More!

Send KeyWords Data Wirelessly
Now students can send their KeyWords data wirelessly from their NEO 2s to NEO Manager on their teacher’s computer using the new KeyWords Wireless app. This new capability makes it even easier for teachers to monitor student progress toward keyboarding proficiency. Existing customers can download and install this app for free. Go to NEO Downloads and download NEO Manager to get started.

KeyWords Dashboard Available for Renaissance Place Customers
Renaissance Place customers can now track KeyWords progress through a new KeyWords Dashboard on their RP sites. The KeyWords Dashboard shows at a glance how many students have submitted at least one lesson, as well as the number of lessons passed and practices completed. It is a great complement to the new KeyWords Wireless app.

Practice math facts anytime on NEO 2
With the addition of the new MathFacts in a Flash (offline) SmartApplet, your students can practice their math facts anytime, any place. No need to be within range of the Renaissance Receiver or have a login to MathFacts in a Flash RP. Students can practice using 62 levels of content covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percents and decimals.  Read more.

Integrate NEO 2 into Your 21st Century Classroom
With NEO Share (a free download) running on your computer, you can integrate NEO 2 with interactive whiteboards, projectors, and classroom computers to make the most of what you already have.  Read more or view an online demonstration here.

Get Immediate Feedback on Writing from MY Access! by Vantage Learning
If you have an existing subscription to Vantage Learning’s MY Access! software, you can use NEO 2 to submit writing samples wirelessly and receive instant feedback in return. Read more about MY Access!.

Use NEO 2 with Content from Top Providers
Study Island, Eduware, Easiteach and PowerZone—these are just a few of the top providers whose content works with NEO 2. Our partnerships are one more reason why NEO 2 is such a great value in the classroom.

Class with NEOsUse NEO 2 with Renaissance Learning Software
With NEO 2 in your classroom, you can take Accelerated Reader Quizzes or submit Accelerated Math assignments at any time.  Read more about NEO 2’s support for Accelerated Reader software.

Gather Daily Formative Assessment Data
With NEO 2’s built-in classroom response system, you can engage your students in the learning process while easily monitoring student understanding of the lesson.  Read more about using NEO 2 with the 2Know! Toolbar and AccelTest.

Build Keyboarding Skills with KeyWords Curriculum
KeyWords, NEO’s built-in keyboarding curriculum includes language-based lessons that build vocabulary while improving keyboarding skills.  Read more aboutKeyWords or View the Keyboarding Video.

Send Files Wirelessly…to Google Docs™!
Students can send their work wirelessly from their NEO 2s to Google Docs, Google’s online document, presentation and spreadsheet application.  Read more about NEO 2s connection to Google Docs.

Get Audible Feedback for Your Struggling Writers
Combining the NEO Text2Speech hardware device with NEO’s built-in SmartApplet software helps students convert any written text into spoken words. Read more.

Wireless Printing 
Students can spend more time on task with NEO 2’s wireless printing feature. Just press the print key on NEO 2, and send your documents directly to the default printer.

Student printing from NEOExtraordinary Battery Life
NEO provides up to 700 hours of use on just three AA batteries.

Lightweight and Portable
Weighing just two pounds, NEO can be easily transported from school to home, where some families don’t yet have access to a computer.

Ruggedly Durable
Tossed in a locker or jammed into a book bag, NEOs can take what students dish out. No internal moving parts, flip screens, or mechanical disk drives mean that NEOs will continue to function flawlessly even after being dropped.

Multiple Font Sizes
A variety of font sizes can be selected, from two-to-six lines of text, to accommodate students with vision challenges.

Instant On/Off and Instant Save
Students just turn on their NEOs and go. Learning to use them is a snap, and there’s no waiting for programs to boot up, thanks to their instant on/off button. There’s no worry about lost data either because NEO 2 saves students’ work instantly

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Aurora Suite 2005 Professional Edition

Aurora Suite 2005 Professional Edition provides access to Aurora Suite’s full feature set for both Augmentative Communication and Learning Disabilities. It is the only edition that includes our full customer support service including one year of access to our experienced telephone technical support and two years of 24-hour automated internet support including updates. If you are looking for the best support, and a full feature set for users with learning disabilities, dyslexia or for augmentative communication, this is the product to choose.

To get detailed information and animated examples of Aurora Suite’s many features, have a look at our Aurora Suite 2005 Tour. We also offer a Feature Comparison Chart for the three editions of our product and a list of the key features for Learning Disabilities and DyslexiaAugmentative Communication, or Speech as well as a brief list of some of the new features in Aurora Suite 2005.

In addition to all the features in the Value and Standard Editions, the word prediction in the Professional Edition is enhanced with our most accurate word prediction algorithms,phrase prediction, and supports dictionaries up to 1,000,000 words. For maximal keystroke savings, this is the edition to choose. The word prediction in the Professional Edition also provides the most customizable word prediction list, offering up to 40 words, separate sorting for word completion and next word prediction tasks, cursor following, as well as spacing choices and more.

The Professional Edition provides additional speech synthesizer support for Microsoft SAPI 4 which gives users access to a number of very high quality free speech synthesizers not available for SAPI 5 plus our easy to use pronunciation correction system which guarantees often mispronounced words like names will be spoken correctly.

New features such as the Feature Editor, Recent Words Priority Boost, Punctuation Monitoring, the 40-word Prediction List, and the ability to Disable Next Word Prediction are only available in the Professional Edition.

A few of the Features You’ll Find in Aurora Suite 2005


  • Aurora Prediction is advanced, effective word completion and prediction that learns your writing style, and works with all the applications you need it to.
    • Abbreviation Expansion saves keystrokes by letting you program a short code to type instead of often used phrases.
    • Phrase prediction learns phrases as you type for even more effective keystroke savings than single-word predictors.
    • Grammatical Rules help the word prediction system give you better suggestions.
    • AutoPunctuation, AutoCapitalization and AutoSpacing save keystrokes by typing spaces and capitals where you need them.
    • Phonetic word completion helps guess the word you’re typing even if you spell it wrong.
    • Talking Spellchecker works with any application and is tuned to the needs of the most creative spellers.
    • Homonym alert, definitions, and usage examples for over 2100 homonyms make sure you use the right word.
    • Placing the mouse over a homonym or other macro displays its full text in a tooltip.
    • The Dictionary Editor allows you to edit your dictionary, or even import vocabulary from documents you’ve written to get prediction up to speed on your writing style.
    • Pretrained English word prediction vocabularies from 1,900 to 625,000 words, many including 20,000 common names and places.
    • Additional language dictionaries for UK English, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese.
    • Automatic Spelling Corrections correct common misspellings instantly. Add your own with the touch of a button.
    • For people who have difficulty with next word prediction, it can be turned off.
    • The Prediction window can display up to 40 words to select from.
    • Recently added words can get an additional priority boost.
    • Aurora Prediction can predict abbreviation expansions so you may not even have to memorize the codes.
  • Aurora Talk provides fast and easy conversational speech output for public speaking or day-to-day discussions.
    • Multiple conversations allows you to organize phrases by topic or situation.
    • Permanent phrases guarantee you’ll never have to retype phrases if you don’t want to.
    • Smart paste makes it painless to convert a word processor document into a spoken presentation.
    • Programmable function keys let you store up to 33 of your favourite phrases for fast access.
  • Aurora Echo is a simple screenreader that reads documents, email or web pages when reading is a chore.
    • Read Marked Block lets you use the mouse to mark text in email, web pages, or word processor documents for reading.
    • Read Button or Window turns Aurora Echo into a screenreader, reading anything you put the mouse over.
    • Aurora Echo offers spoken feedback as you type so you can hear if you make mistakes.
    • Echo has a new button to stop the speech synthesizer while it is speaking. Prediction and Talk offer this as a menu item.
    • Run-on-Sentence alert lets you know when it is time to consider adding some punctuation.
    • Punctuation Monitoring reminds you when you start a question, but don’t finish it with a question mark.
  • Synthesized Speech.
    • Microsoft Speech API Version 4 and 5 speech synthesizers are supported making Aurora compatible with nearly all modern software speech synthesizers.
    • Visual Highlighting for speech output, highlighting each word as it is spoken, with complete visual customization of font, size and colors.
    • Pronunciation correction system assures words are always pronounced correctly by the speech synthesizer.
    • Microsoft English synthesizers are included, additional L&H synthesizers for American English, British English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portugese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German and Dutch are available by download.
  • Feature Editor’s fine grained feature control lets teachers control exactly what help Aurora Suite offers students.
  • 168 page printed User’s Guide covers Aurora Suite’s features in detail.
  • Telephone, Web and Email support assures you won’t waste time finding solutions to any problems you might have.
  • Languages are better supported now that Aurora is user-translateable and all UNICODE.

Licensing Options

Aurora Suite Professional Edition can be purchased for a single user, or for groups of 5 or 10 users at significant savings. The Professional Edition is also available as the special Aurora Suite 2005 Professional Edition Volume License for installations of 25 or more seats.

We offer flexible licensing, such that each licensed user of Aurora Suite 2005 Professional Edition, in addition to the primary installation, may also install the software on a second portable computer. We encourage you to read the License for specific details.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Minimum system requirements for Aurora Suite 2005 for Windows are Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000, a 400MHz Pentium compatible CPU, 64M of RAM, 50M of disk space, and a display resolution of at least 800×600. Speech output requires a windows supported sound card and speakers. Some program features require an internet connection.

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Study Skills

So what are and who has great ‘study skills’ ?

For now, we are going to assume the definition, that ultimately the person who comes out at the end of the exams with the best mark broadly has better study skills that someone who doesn’t.

Having good Study Skills implies you actually have many component skills – the easiest way to get students to apply all of them is to have a coach to help them whenever they are ready to study. RecallPlus can be that coach!

Skills described frequently include:
‘notetaking skills’,
‘memory skills’,
‘time management skills’,
‘study habits’ and ‘study methods’,
‘revision skills’,     — groan !!      🙂
‘specific exam preparation’

Use of visual memory and visual learning techniques as a study skill

If you look at a typical student and compare them to a successful student, the successful student is much more likely to be deep into producing drawings and diagrams in his/her notes.
See results of Research 2004.
It is well known that use of diagrams such as concept maps etc increases learning by about 10-15% compared to an average student’s notetaking methodology.
For this reason, a series of excellent software programs have popped up, that specialise in producing diagrams that improve memory.
Students who use them have been proven to learn faster.

RecallPlus study software is like a super version of a concept map program –> designed to heirachically manipulate sets of diagrams – effectively a set of notes! 
Download RecallPlus for free trial

Notetaking skills – Notes you can revise for exams for are important!

Taking notes about information you wish to learn, in a way likely to aid subsequent memory and revision is central to exam success.

Organising those notes for later use so that you can find things more easily and know what you need to concentrate on can sometimes be quite a chore, and is why people are moving to using computers, rather than paper for their notetaking…
See results of Research 2004.

RecallPlus study software allows you to apply the level of organization to these diagrams that you feel helps you the most – drag and drop sets of diagrams from one place in your notes to another.
Easy searching for later use. 

Download RecallPlus for free trial

Good ‘Time management’ should be part of your study method.

This is a very broad term, so let us narrow it down to meaning how much time you spend studying during semester vs time spent studying during exam season.
What you do with your time AS you are studying.

Links – Time Scheduling
Links – Where does time go…
Links – More Time Scheduling

RecallPlus gives you time estimates of how long you will need to study the content you have entered – see how much time you really need!
RecallPlus study method includes showing you graphs of what you know well, vs what you know less well.
Expert edition will also show you simulations of how much time you will need between now and the exam you are sitting including for notes you have NOT entered into RecallPlus yet!

The latest released edition of RecallPlus – RecallPlus Expert Edition, uses data it collects watching you study including your very own forgetting curves, to simulate your study time needs up to an exam.

It will give you reports that can tell you how much time you REALLY have!.

Download RecallPlus for free trial

Optimized revision – study methods advocated to minimize revision with maximum learning!

How students should revise optimally is the subject of debate… but internationally, there is agreement for various principles known as far back as the 1980’s.
The core one that is known about, and roughly recommended but never used by most students, we are going to refer to as the ‘Spacing Effect’.
Briefly it refers to the fact that the optimal way to revise a given piece of information is to space your revisions at an increasing interval. e.g. revise what you have just learnt within 1/2 an hour, then at the end of the day, and then at further, increasing intervals.
Here is a link to information on the forgetting curve, the spacing effect, and optimizing revision..

Rather than researching it yourself and then trying to track your revision yourself, why not let RecallPlus minimize your revision for maximum learning!
RecallPlus applies optimal revision theories to your study notes and will revise with you again, the information as it becomes due. This is very quick compared to the situation where you leave it too long, forget it and then have to relearn it!
Let RecallPlus organize your revision and you will have to do less revising AND know the information better. 

Download RecallPlus for free trial

Peripheral habits which affect how much you learn when you are studying for exams

     Location and environment
Methods for motivation
Keeping yourself physically healthy
… many more

RecallPlus gives you suggestions during break times, about how to motivate yourself, how to make study fun, how to keep yourself physically ready for study and what sort of environment you need.
RecallPlus is there when the student needs it… which is mostly when there is no teacher/parent around!

Download RecallPlus for free trial

Study methods you use for memorizing things.
Memory tools you might use – NB per recommendations from the memory champions

     Memory Masterpiece
Journey methods
Story methods
Peg methods
… more … checkout the memory toolbox

1. RecallPlus teaches you these techniques.
2. RecallPlus was designed from the start to allow their application to everyday study.
3. RecallPlus’ tips make further suggestions.

Download RecallPlus for free trial

How you practically apply these basic tools to the actual tasks you face.
(many people cannot make the link between tools like the peg method, and using them in day to day real life tasks)

e.g. If you check out the Memory Toolbox, you will see that in fact the simple peg method is virtually useless in actual real life tasks compared to the other tools, in particular the story and journey tools.

The average student is unable to change what they see as ‘memory tricks’ into actual useful changes to their study techniques.
The more you use RecallPlus the way it is supposed to be used… the more students find themselves gravitating to use study methods which are recognizable applications of these memory tools.

The memory toolbox gives you examples of how you can apply them to some circumstances, and we are happy to offer you further immediate help if you cannot see how you can apply them to YOUR real life memory tasks.

RecallPlus’ memory toolbox, is designed to aid you to change what you learn about memory champions, into your study habit.
Download RecallPlus for free trial

Preparation once you know the specific layout / testing style that will be used for an exam

Different preparations are needed for different styles of exams (e.g. written answer verses multiple choice are extremely different to study for)
As implied, the most obvious differences are between multiple choice, written and open book exams.

With multiple choice you need only be able to Recognise if something is correct or not, so the key is to read as widely as possible, and do less revisions.
With written exams, depending on the style of the exam, you will have to typically do more checking to make sure that the information that you have read is something which you can then recite or work with, than in multiple choice. You should therefore do things like actually test yourself on your material.
With open book exams, a mixture of the 2 is required… and you must know the things you are taking into the exam backwards.

No matter which type of exam you are looking to pass, past papers are invaluable, and should be done from early in your study period, to the end, so that all the way along, you have checks to make sure the things you are doing are both relevant, and useful.

Download RecallPlus for free trial

Other links of interest

Study skills including Memory, Passing Tests, Cramming !

Checkout a study skills checklist by Virginia Tech

Environment for study is very important.
Guidelines – see Study Environment Virginia Tech .. is excellent.
Location to study – see Best place to study


RecallPlus, the ultimate study software

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Lighter, More Compact Than Ever
Less than 6 ounces. Lighter than a paperback, fits in your pocket.Holds 1,400 Books
Carry up to 1,400 books – keep your library with you wherever you go.Most Advanced E Ink Display
Kindle’s high-contrast E Ink display delivers clear, crisp text and images.

Read in Bright Sunlight
Kindle’s E Ink screen reads like real paper, with no glare. Read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.

One Month Battery Life
No battery anxiety – read for up to one month on a single charge with wireless off and a half hour of reading per day.

Books in 60 seconds
Find a book and start reading in seconds with our fast, free wireless delivery.

Built-In Wi-Fi
Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots at home or on the road. Includes free Wi-Fi access at AT&T hotspots across the U.S.

Simple to Use
Kindle is ready to use right out of the box – no setup, no software to install, no computer required to download content.

Adjustable Text Sizes
Read comfortably with eight different sizes and three font styles.

Faster Page Turns
Kindle’s powerful processor is tuned for fast, seamless page turns.

PDF and Personal Documents
Email personal documents and PDFs direct to your Kindle to read and annotate on-the-go.

Massive Selection
Over 1 million books, newspapers, and magazines, including latest bestsellers, Kindle exclusives, and more.Low Book Prices
Over 800,000 books are $9.99 or less.Free, Out-of-Copyright Books
Millions of free, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 titles such as Pride and Prejudice are available.Learn More

Free Book Samples
Download and read first chapters for free before you decide to buy.

Borrow From Your Public Library
Borrow Kindle books from your public library and start reading on your Kindle. Learn More

Free Cloud Backup
We automatically back up your library in the cloud, so you never need to worry about losing your books. Re-download wirelessly anytime for free.

Buy Once, Read Everywhere
Kindle books can be read on your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Mac, PC, or web browser with our free Kindle Reading Apps.

Our Whispersync technology synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks and annotations across your devices so you can always pick up where you left off.

Technical Details

Display Amazon’s 6″ diagonal most advanced E Ink display, optimized with proprietary waveform and font technology, 600 x 800 pixel resolution at 167 ppi, 16-level gray scale.
Size (in inches) 6.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.34″ (166 mm x 114 mm x 8.7 mm)
Weight 5.98 ounces (170 grams)
System Requirements None, because it’s wireless and doesn’t require a computer to download content.
On-device Storage Up to 1,400 books or 2GB internal (approximately 1.25GB available for user content).
Cloud Storage Free cloud storage for all Amazon content.
Battery Life A single charge lasts up to one month with wireless off based upon a half-hour of daily reading time. Keep wireless always on and it lasts for up to 3 weeks. Battery life will vary based on wireless usage, such as shopping the Kindle Store, web browsing, and downloading content.
Charge Time Fully charges in approximately 3 hours via the included USB 2.0 cable connected to a computer. U.S. power adapter sold separately.
Wi-Fi Connectivity Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security using password authentication or Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS); does not connect to WPA and WPA2 secured networks using 802.1X authentication methods; does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.
USB Port USB 2.0 (micro-B connector)
Content Formats Supported Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion.
Documentation Quick Start Guide (included in box); Kindle User’s Guide (pre-installed on device). Additional information in multiple languages available online.
Warranty and Service 1-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 2-year protection plan available for U.S. customers sold separately. Use of Kindle is subject to the terms found here.
Included in the Box Kindle wireless e-reader, USB 2.0 cable, and Quick Start Guide. Power adapter sold separately.
Kindle e-reader: 6.5" x 4.5" x 0.34"

Compare Kindles

Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers Kindle Touch, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers Kindle DX, Free 3G, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 9.7" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi
Touch 3G
Keyboard 3G
Kindle DX
Kindle Fire
$99.00 $149.00
$99.00 $139.00
Wi-Fi Free 3G +
Wi-Fi Free 3G +
Free 3G Wi-Fi
Millions of
books, newspapers,
magazines, games,
and docs
Millions of
books, newspapers,
magazines, audiobooks,
games, and docs
Millions of
books, newspapers,
magazines, audiobooks,
games, and docs
Millions of
books, newspapers,
magazines, audiobooks,
games, and docs
18 million movies,
TV shows, apps,
games, songs,
books, newspapers,
magazines, and docs
Amazon Silk
6″ E Ink Pearl 6″ E Ink Pearl 6″ E Ink Pearl 9.7″ E Ink Pearl 7″ Vibrant Color IPS
Battery Life, Wireless Off
1 month 2 months 2 months 3 weeks 8 hours continuous reading or
7.5 hours
video playback
On-device Storage
2GB for
1,400 books
4GB for
3,000 books
4GB for
3,500 books
4GB for
3,500 books
8GB for
80 apps plus either
10 movies
or 800 songs
or 6,000 books
Cloud Storage
Free for all
Amazon content
Free for all
Amazon content
Free for all
Amazon content
Free for all
Amazon content
Free for all
Amazon content
6.5″ x 4.5″
x 0.34″
6.8″ x 4.7″
x 0.40″
7.5″ x 4.8″
x 0.34″
10.4″ x 7.2″
x 0.38″
7.5″ x 4.7″
x 0.45″
5.98 ounces
7.5 ounces 7.8 ounces
8.5 ounces 8.7 ounces
18.9 ounces 14.6 ounces
5-way controller multi-touch keyboard keyboard multi-touch
5-way controller multi-touch keyboard keyboard multi-touch

Detailed Features

Elegant, Easy-to-Use E-Reader
Lose Yourself in Your Reading
The most elegant feature of a physical book is that it disappears while you’re reading. Immersed in the author’s world and ideas, you don’t notice a book’s glue, the stitching, or ink. Our top design objective is to make Kindle disappear — just like a physical book — so you can get lost in your reading, not the technology. 

Ergonomic Design
Kindle is easy to hold and read. We designed our e-reader with long-form reading in mind. When reading for long periods of time, people naturally shift positions and often like to read with one hand. Kindle’s page-turning buttons are located on both sides, allowing you to read and turn pages from any position. 

Precise 5-Way Controller
Kindle has an easy-to-use 5-way controller, enabling precise on-screen navigation for selecting text to highlight or looking up words. No on-screen fingerprints. 

Never Gets Hot
Unlike a laptop, Kindle never gets hot so you can read comfortably as long as you like.
Wireless Capability
Built-In Wi-Fi
Kindle automatically detects nearby Wi-Fi networks at school, home, or your favorite café. At a hotel or café that requires a password? Simply enter the password and connect to the network. Once you have added a Wi-Fi network, Kindle will automatically connect to that network the next time you’re near the hotspot. 

Free Access at AT&T Hotspots
Enjoy free Wi-Fi access at AT&T hotspots across the U.S. for shopping and downloading Kindle content — no AT&T registration, sign-in, or password required.
E Ink 101
Latest Generation E Ink
Kindle uses E Ink Pearl – the latest generation of E Ink technology available – to deliver clear, crisp text you can read without eye strain. 

How Electronic Ink Works
Electronic ink uses actual ink particles to create crisp, print-like text similar to what you see in a physical book. Kindle uses proprietary, hand-built fonts to take advantage of the special characteristics of the ink to make letters appear clear and sharp. 

Reads Like Real Paper, Even in Bright Sunlight
Because Kindle’s electronic display uses E Ink, it looks and reads like real paper. Kindle’s screen reflects light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting, so you can read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.
Reading on Kindle
Adjustable Text Sizes, Font Choices Kindle has eight adjustable font sizes to suit your reading preference. You can increase the text size of your favorite book or periodical with the push of a button. If your eyes tire, simply increase the font size and continue reading comfortably. Kindle also has three font styles to choose from – all optimized and hand-tuned to provide the best reading experience. 

Custom Fonts
Kindle uses hand-built, custom fonts and font-hinting to make words and letters more crisp, clear, and natural-looking. Font hints are instructions, written as code, that control points on a font character’s line, improving legibility at small font sizes where few pixels are available. Hinting is a mix of aesthetic judgments and complicated technical strategies. We’ve designed our proprietary font-hinting to optimize specifically for the special characteristics of electronic ink. 

Faster Page Turns
Kindle now has faster page turns. We’ve done this by fine-tuning Kindle’s proprietary waveform, the series of electronic pulses that move black and white electronic ink particles to achieve an optimal display of images and text. 

Support for Non-Latin Characters
Kindle supports the display of non-Latin characters, so you can read books and documents in the translation that’s right for you. Kindle displays Cyrillic (such as Russian), Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean characters, in addition to Latin and Greek scripts. 

Full Image Zoom
Images and photos display crisply on Kindle and can be zoomed to the full size of the screen. 

Rotate Between Portrait and Landscape Mode
Switch between portrait and landscape orientation to read maps, graphs and tables more easily. 

Real Page Numbers
Easily reference and cite passages or read alongside others in a book club or class with real page numbers. Using the computing fabric of Amazon Web Services, we’ve created algorithms that match specific text in a Kindle book to the corresponding text in a print book, to identify the correct, “real” page number to display. Real page numbers are available on tens of thousands of our most popular Kindle books, including the top 100 bestselling books in the Kindle Store that have matching print editions. Page numbers are displayed when you push the menu button. 

Carry and Read Your Personal Documents
Kindle makes it easy to take your personal documents with you, eliminating the need to print. You and your approved contacts can e-mail documents – including Word, PDF and more – directly to your Kindle and read them in Kindle format. Your personal documents will be stored in your Kindle library on Amazon and ready to download conveniently anywhere at any time. You can add notes, highlights and bookmarks, which are automatically synchronized across devices along with the last page you read using our Whispersync technology. 

You can read your PDFs in their native format, view them in landscape mode, or zoom in up to 300% to view small print and detailed tables and graphics. You can also convert your PDF document to the Kindle format so that it reflows like a regular Kindle book. Learn more.
Dictionary and Search
Built-In Dictionary with Instant Lookup
Come across a word you don’t know? Kindle includes The New Oxford American Dictionary with over 250,000 entries and definitions for free. Kindle lets you instantly lookup the definition without ever leaving the book – simply select the word with the cursor and the definition will automatically display at the bottom of the screen. 

Search Wikipedia and the Web
Kindle makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Just enter a word or phrase and Kindle will search every instance across your Kindle library, in the Kindle Store, on Wikipedia, or the Web using Google search.
Notes and Sharing
Bookmarks and Annotations
Add annotations to text, just like you might write in the margins of a book, with a virtual keyboard that appears just when you need it. And because Kindle ebooks are digital, you can edit, delete, and export your notes. You can highlight and clip key passages and bookmark pages for future use. You’ll never need to bookmark your last place in the book, because Kindle remembers for you and always opens to the last page you read. 

Popular Highlights
See what millions of Kindle readers think are the most interesting passages in your books. If several other readers have highlighted a particular passage, then that passage will be highlighted in your book along with the total number of people who have highlighted it. View details

Share Meaningful Passages
Share your passion for books and reading with friends, family, and other readers around the world by posting meaningful passages to social networks like Facebook and Twitter directly from Kindle, without leaving the page. Want to post or tweet about a great new novel or newspaper article? When you highlight or create a note in your book or periodical, you can easily share it with your social network. Help your network of family and friends discover new authors and books. 

Public Notes
Share your notes and see what others are saying about Kindle books. Any Kindle user – including authors, book reviewers, professors and passionate readers everywhere – can opt-in to share their thoughts on book passages and ideas with friends, family members, colleagues, and the greater Kindle community. Learn more

Lend Your Books
Lend eligible Kindle books to other Kindle or Kindle app users. Each eligible book can be lent once for a period of 14 days. Not all books are lendable — the publisher or rights holder determines which titles are enabled for lending. For more information on how to lend Kindle books, visit our help page

Public Library Books
Customers can check out a Kindle book from their local library and start reading on any Kindle or free Kindle reading app. Learn more.
Customize Your Kindle
Choose Your Language
You can customize your Kindle with the language you prefer. You can set your default language on Kindle to English (US and UK), German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Brazilian Portuguese. 

Organize Your Library
Organize your Kindle library into collections, or categories, to easily access any book you are looking for. You can add an item to multiple collections to make organizing and finding titles even easier. For example, you can add the same book to your “History” and “My Favorite Authors” collections. 

Password Protection
With password protection functionality, you can choose to lock your Kindle automatically when not in use.
Special Offers
Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers
You’ll receive special offers and sponsored screensavers directly on your Kindle. Examples of past special offers include:
• $10 for $20 Gift Card
• Save up to $500 off Amazon’s already low prices on select HDTVs
• $1 for a Kindle book, choose from thousands of books
Your offers display on your Kindle’s screensaver and on the bottom of the home screen – they don’t interrupt reading. You can set your personal Kindle Screensaver Preferences to give us hints on the style and types of sponsored screensavers you’d like to see.
The Kindle Store
Access the Kindle Store wirelessly right from your Kindle – search and shop the world’s largest selection of books that people want to read, plus magazines, newspapers, blogs and games. We auto-deliver all your purchases in seconds – simply search, buy, and you’re ready to read. 

Personalized Recommendations
Kindle makes it easy to discover new titles with recommendations personalized just for you. The Kindle Store uses the same personalized customer experience you’re used to across, matching our best recommendations to your personal reading habits. 

Over a Million Books
The Kindle store contains the largest selection of books people want to read: over a million books, including over 800,000 at $9.99 or less. We work directly with publishers to get the latest bestsellers, biggest new releases and the titles most popular with tens of millions of Amazon’s book customers. 

Over 2 million free, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books are also available such as Pride and Prejudice and Treasure IslandLearn more

Shop and subscribe to your favorite magazines and newspapers such as TimeNewsweek and The New Yorker, from Newsstand. New editions are auto-delivered wirelessly direct to your device the second they go on sale. 

Stay up to date with the latest tech stories, sports results and news updates from your favorite blogs. Subscribe to popular blogs such asGizmodoThe Onion and ESPN to receive auto-updates on your Kindle throughout the day. 

Take a break from reading to enjoy a selection of great games specially designed for Kindle, like Every Word and Number Slide.
Experimental Features
WebKit-Based Browser
Kindle features an experimental web browser based on WebKit to provide a better web browsing experience. Now it’s easier than ever to find the information you’re looking for right from your Kindle. Experimental web browsing is free.

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