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Statement of Faith

I realized my faith in Christ at an early age after having being taught primarily by my grandmother to look to  Christ for my salvation and to Him alone. As I grew in to a young man and began to experience life, there has certainly been a renewal and strengthening of faith.

To illustrate His grace and mercy, I began to draw close to Him when at the age of seven I was diagnosed as having dyslexia. Struggling to learn to read while being teased by peers and having various adults label me; I took the lead from my Grandmother and her strength and faith in Christ. I began to lean on Christ for strength. I learned that if I put my trust in Him and believed, things would progress according to His will. That knowledge became enough for me. I eventually earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

God drew my heart back to Him after succumbing to temptations in college. The “child-like” character of my faith waned as I launched into life on my own. God was patient and merciful to me. He simply waited for me to recall his mercies and return my absolute faith to Him. From that point onward I have had the good fortune to be surrounded by friends strong in the body of Christ, my pastor and my family who serve as mentors, teachers and examples of good Christians. Through these people I have learn the importance of embracing Christ with both my heart and my mind.

I continue to grow in Christ and my faith. I devote myself continually to God’s Word and prayer.

Good Days & Great Days

There are 2 types of days in one’s life good days and great days, every morning one wakes up is a good day. As I sit here this morning in Chicago overlooking the river walk sipping my premium coffee that I paid way too much for, it dawns on me that this is a great day. When I was a young man and we would be in church on a Sunday morning, and the old folks used to think god for waking up that morning they would always say it was a good day. It was very hard for a young man with no true life experience to understand why just waking up would make it a good day.

After 40+ years of living life it dawns on me, every morning you wake up is a good day. You make a personal choice to allow negativity into your day and make it a bad day. But if we really take time to reflect on our life that every day we wake up is a good day. Then maybe we should truly concentrate on enjoying the few great days that come into our life. Quiet mornings with the family, time at children’s baseball games, days where your mind is clear and we truly realize we are blessed to be here with the people we truly love, and all the other truly great days we overlooked because we are always looking over our shoulder waiting to open the door to negativity. A point of thought.

I am seeking a modern day Helen Keller Tutor Annie Sullivan to help me open a couple doors

i am super dyslexic

i came up with this saying

everyone has the ability to do something better than anyone else at any given time! But not everyone has the ability to find thier ability!

I am seeking a modern day Helen Keller Tutor Annie Sullivan to help me open a couple doors in my mind and help me learn how to learn to bring my business to a point where i can make 12,000.00 a year! And i am not looking for someone to do this for free!

I am hoping you can help me find a business consultant that is not only an expert in business but is as well an expert or has a great passion in helping those with developemental disabilities/learning disabilities start or better run thier business

I have to believe there is at least one such person in the USA has such abilities or passion in the USA

If not why not?

Michigan Rehabilitation helps individuals put round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square wholes

I do not have any dream or idea of becoming wealthy but to bring my business up to a point where i can make 12,000.00 a year!

With skype email and cell phones and megabus i would be very open to go to where ever they might live in this part of the country

Bill Dykstra
616 821 9520

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Here is my business website

Kidz Choice Services Inc. unique and rewarding position as a Dyslexia Teache

To Whom it May Concern,


My name is George Meskour and I work for a company in New York called Kidz Choice Services Inc.   We are looking for someone to fill a unique and rewarding position as a Dyslexia Teacher for a child in Saudi Arabia who needs home-schooling.  Please see the ad below for all details and requirements.   Is there a way we can post the ad within your institution? If not. where do you suggest we look to find a teacher for this position.   Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated by our company and by the family as well.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time.



George Meskour



BACKGROUND:  A family in Saudi Arabia has hired Kidz Choice Services, Inc., located in New York City (NYC), to recruit, screen, hire and supervise a male teacher who is credentialed and experienced in working with adolescents with dyslexia;


POSITION:  Male teacher with experience and credentialed in teaching adolescents with dyslexia;


LOCATION:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;


START DATE:  September 3, 2013; however, the family requests that the teacher arrive to Jeddah 2 days earlier to adapt to the time change;


END DATE:  10 months from start date;

HOURS & WORK SCHEDULE:  25 hours per week (e.g., 5 hours per day, Monday through Friday);


RATE of PAY:  $100 per hour, which is $2500 per week;  Family will pay ALL expenses


VACATION TIME:  4 weeks paid vacation


CLIENT:  A 15-year old female high school student with a diagnosis of dyslexia who previously attended a British school has been recommended for home-schooling;


DUTIES:  The teacher will be expected to work with the client in the home.  He must teach all major academic subjects such as literacy (e.g., reading, writing), mathematics, science, global studies, and any other subject in the client’s high school curriculum.  As part of the supervision process, the teacher must submit work samples by the client to Kidz Choice Services, Inc. via email every two weeks for review.  The teacher must also attend two 60-minute video-teleconferences per month through our agency’s CiscoWebex meeting capabilities.  During these online meetings, a supervisor such as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and/or licensed psychologist will attend.  In addition, another teacher who is experienced and credentialed in treating dyslexia in adolescents will attend the meeting to review the client’s work samples and offer feedback.




  • The family will directly pay the teacher $2500 for 25 hours of work per week;
  • The family will provide all travel expenses to Saudi Arabia (e.g., round-trip ticket, economic class);
  • The family will provide a one-bedroom apartment in a compound;
  • The family will pay all utilities (e.g., water, electricity, internet, local phone services); 
  • The family will provide all necessary transportation;




  • The teacher must possess a graduate degree in education or in a field related to teaching individuals with learning disabilities;
  • The teacher must provide official transcripts ONLY, which must be mailed directly to our offices from the school.  Therefore, no unofficial transcripts will be accepted;
  • The teacher must provide an updated resume/CV that verifies their experience in working with adolescents with dyslexia;
  • The  teacher must undergo fingerprinting at the New York Department of Investigation or other governmental fingerprinting agency and must obtain clearance;
  • The teacher must submit an updated physical with a negative tuberculosis (TB) exam score and completed immunization record;
  • The teacher must obtain professional liability insurance for a minimum of 1 million/ 3 million;
  • The teacher must provide five letters of reference, which will be verified;
  • The teacher must undergo an in-person interview in NYC.  Applicants who are not able to travel to New York for an interview may be at a serious disadvantage, however, it is possible that a video teleconference will be used to conduct the interview if the applicant impresses with an above-average work history, outstanding academic record, strong references and meets all the above criterion for employment;
  • The teacher will be required to sign a legally-binding work agreement with Kidz Choice Services, Inc.;
  • The teacher must possess a valid passport for international travel to Saudi Arabia;



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