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The social media network, Dyslexic in America, will help support people who are looking for information and resources about dyslexia, without a sales pitch. Currently, 15% of Americans suffer from dyslexia; we provide a place to come and for resources and information relating to colleges and universities, K-12 educational institutions, and a host of other topics of interest about dyslexia. People can not only find information and resources, but share personal stories, challenges, and successes with other like-minded people. Our purpose is to have a common community with a common outcome: awareness and assistance for Dyslexics in America. 


    • Sign up 10,000 members on social media network
    • Establish one on-line support group for each state
    • Create a computer based training program for state and federal laws
    • Federal laws and updates
    • State laws and updates
    • Lawyer referral service