Journey of self-discovery


So a couple years ago I wrote a blog called who is Leon Lewis, one of the most difficult blog i ever written, to truly say who you are with no pretense. over  the past couple of weeks I have begun a new journey of discovery by trying to write a blog called what is Leon Lewis truly afraid of, this is only difficult  because as a human being we hate to admit what we are afraid of to our own selves no less to write it down and let everybody an the world see it. this will be my journey of self-discovery into what type of person I truly am

Brain Balance Center of Charlotte

In the early 1990’s Dr. Robert Melillo began seeing a marked increase in children with learning and behavioral issues visiting his practice. Parents were concerned and desperate to help their children. This was the beginning of a long and passionate journey for Dr. Melillo as he developed the Brain Rob-website-sqBalance Program.

Dr. Melillo’s research and extensive clinical experience led him to understand disorders like ADHD, Dyslexia, processing disorders, and autism spectrum disorders as manifestations of an underlying problem in the brain called Functional Disconnection Syndrome. This imbalance in brain development was the common thread between all these learning and behavioral issues. He knew, based on the science of neuroplasticity, that if he designed a program that could effectively stimulate the weaker hemisphere of the brain, it could, in fact, grow and develop new and stronger neural connections. In turn, this would remediate the many symptoms associated with these learning and developmental disorders. Dr. Melillo did just that. He developed a cutting-edge approach by integrating three key pillars of brain development: sensory motor stimulation, cognitive stimulation and nutrition.

In 1994, Dr. Melillo began implementing his novel approach to helping children with learning and developmental disorders in his own practice. He went on to spend the next twelve years further refining the program. His goal was to design a highly effective, drug-free program that could counter the rapid rise of ADHD, Learning Disabilities, ASD and other similar developmental disorders.

Once Dr. Melillo validated the efficacy of his program, he felt compelled to make it available to as many children as possible. He wanted to offer a model that was replicable and accessible to the many families so desperately seeking hope and real help. He saw a need for a solution that did not rely on medication or require an army of separate practitioners in order to achieve lasting results.

In early 2006, Dr. Melillo decided that his Brain Balance Program was ready and able to be replicated on a large scale. He partnered with William Fowler, a veteran of Wall Street who brought a keen understanding of how to develop and grow a successful business. Together they created Brain Balance Achievement Centers. Today, Brain Balance Achievement Centers is a rapidly growing franchise company with centers across the United States.

Dr. Melillo’s passion and purpose is echoed in our Brain Balance Mission Statement:

To make the Brain Balance Program available to as many children as possible so that each child may reach their greatest physical, mental, social and academic potential.

Thought of The Day 09-14-2014

In youth we learn, with age we understand 



No More Shame In My Game

I have received several e-mails as well as several phone calls over the past two weeks; they all were expressing concerns about my spelling and grammar in a professional blog like A Point Of Thought. I guess many people missed the original point of this blog. Originally I wanted an outlet for all the technical thoughts running through my mind. I also needed a place where a person with dyslexia like me, could go and write every day in hopes of improving my overall communication skills. When I originally began to blog, I did not expect anybody to follow or read my thoughts. It was truly a pleasant surprise when I started receiving feedback from people validating, disagreeing or commenting on some of the thoughts running through my mind. Let’s take a second to go through what it takes to complete a blog entry, just as a point of reference for my blogging community.

I begin by dictating my entire train of thought using Dragon NaturallySpeaking (voice to text recognition software). then I will begin to Go line By line and listen to what I have dictate it using Natural reader (text to voice software). as I listened to what I have dictate it, I will begin to insert the punctuation that I believe is correct this usually takes 5 to 6 passes over each paragraph I have dictate. At that point I will start looking for the word (and). I have learned over time that this is usually a place where I have paused my train of thought; this usually indicates it need some type of punctuation. People will begin to notice as they read what I have written it has a certain cadence to it similar to a rhyme or a limerick. This is a tool that I use inside my mind not only to deal with punctuation, but also to do with overall flow. it is almost as if I was hearing a drumbeat in my head and when the machine reads a paragraph, a article back to me. It has a certain beat’ I consider it very much correct. The average time in creating a blog which would be 3 to 4 paragraphs will usually be in the range of 1 – 2 hour.
Even though I highly appreciate everyone’s concerns about the overall appearance to the outside world of a person with dyslexia looking unintelligent because of poor grammar and spelling. I believe at this point in my life I am comfortable (no more shame in my game) with who Leon Lewis Jr. is in his abilities. If it means I lose a contract, not get a job because of the grammar and spelling. I can live with that two. if people cannot look past a disability and realized that there is some intelligence outside of the normal realm of proper grammar and spelling. I am good with that two. For some strange reason in my life I am highly comfortable with who I am and what my abilities are. This is not a excuse for poor grammar or spelling it is what it is, all I can do is write every day. try my best to improve my overall communication skills. if that is not enough for the World So be it. I will sleep well tonight with the knowledge that I truly give, 100% to everything I do, I will spend every day trying to improve myself in one way or another.

I would like to say in conclusion thank everyone very much, for your concerns, but after many years of struggling with the fear of ridicule about my lack of writing skills I have] become comfortable with whom, Leon Lewis Jr. is and I think I am willing to live with any ridicule and criticism about my writing style or lack of it. At this point in my life love always Leon Lewis Jr.

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Thank you Leon Lewis Jr.

Prayer of the day July 1st 2014

This prayer is dedicated to Grandmother Ethel mae Lewis, grandmother Lillian Burgess and Ant Jessie Gray, the people who have guided me through my life.